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Strapping Tools Guide: Steel vs. Polyester

If you’ve ever done some strapping, you know how important good tools are. If you’re working with a tool that’s outdated or just wrong for your application, you might be costing your company thousands in lost productivity and resources.

Don’t let this happen, or continue to happen! Finding the right tool or switching to a different type of strap is necessary. However, that’s much easier said than done, with all the choices, types and sizes out there.

That’s what we’re here for! Give us a call and let us review your current process and tools and recommend the right ones for you.

Also, use this handy guide to help you on your journey to strapping success!

Steel Strapping Tools

When you’re using steel strapping, there are a couple very important things to remember. Never use “cheap” steel strapping, as it can be dangerous for those of your team doing the strapping. Quality is important here!

When looking at steel strapping tools, if you’re still using old hand tools, it’s well worth the cost to switch to their battery powered brothers. Not convinced? Check out our comparison of the two types in our infographic.

Hand Tools
mipsealerWhen working with steel strap, you’re probably using a tensioner, a sealer, and shears. You tighten your strap with the tensioner, seal it with the sealer, and cut it with the shears. Sounds easy, but if you’re using old hand tools, it’s anything but easy! Tools are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. Workers have to not only be strong, but also know the proper way to use the tools to avoid injury.

Pneumatic Tools
signodegrippackThe new cordless pneumatic tools are well worth the investment. Instead of pulling those big, long handles, you simply maneuver the new tool over the strap to pull the strap tight and seal it in place. It’s as easy as that! No more injuries, no more dangerous tools.

Learn more and shop steel strapping tools & equipment.

Polyester (Plastic) Strapping Tools

We’ve found that, for most people who are using steel strapping, there’s a safer and more cost-effective type of strapping for the job. You’ve probably heard a lot about polyester or plastic strap, and how it’s better than steel in most cases. For the most part, this is correct! Polyester is strong and versatile. There are also some tools and machinery that make plastic strapping safer and easier to use than steel.

signodeBX2Handheld tools for plastic strapping, like a Signode BXT2, make the job so easy. You can choose the best operation for you, whether that’s manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

There are also some amazing larger strapping machines that will feed the strap and do most of the work for you, such as the Signode HBX-4300 or the Polychem PC1000. Affordable and efficient, these machines will change the way you strap forever.

Learn more about polyester strapping tools & equipment.

More Strapping Resources

Still have questions about strapping? Packaging Incorporated is your strapping resource! To learn more about the differences between strapping types, download our Guide to Strapping. To chat with a strapping expert, use the chat here on our website or call us at 800-328-6650.

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