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Your Subfloor Questions, Answered

Measuring for sub floor panels

Although many homeowners will never think twice about their subfloor, it’s often on the forefront of a contractor’s mind. Most homeowners don’t want squeaky floors, especially after just having a home built or the floors redone! Contractors all have their way of doing things, but what’s really the best way install subfloor?

Fasco America recently published an article that answers some very important questions about installing subfloor. They review proper sheathing, wood type, fasteners and more.

Fasco’s introduction to the article states:

“Over the years we’ve been asked several great questions about how to avoid those callbacks by properly installing subfloors the right way the first time. Here are the 5 most popular questions and their respective answers.”

Go read Ask Me Anything: 5 Answers to Your Questions About Subfloors on!



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