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Our Most Popular Products Right Now: Fall 2015

It’s time again for another roundup of popular tools and supplies from our online store. Here are the top six most viewed products in the past couple of months.

Paslode Tetragrip Pneumatic Sub-Floor Tool

Paslode Tetragrip Sub-Floor ToolIf you install subfloor on a regular basis, you know how having a great tool can make the job both easier and much faster. The Paslode Tetragrip PF237C is just that! It gets into corners and tight areas with ease. That’s why this tool has been the number one most viewed product in our online store lately – it’s just awesome.

Signode Tenax Polyester Strap

Signode-tenaxThis 3/4″ green polyester strap is strong and durable and ready to work for your loads. There are 2,400 feet per coil, and each coil weighs in at 52 lbs. Signode is a trusted name in strapping, which is made clear by the fact that this product is second most viewed in our online store.

Geami Manual Expander & EXBOX

greenwrap-exboxThere’s no question about the popularity, usefulness and all-around awesomeness of Geami paper packaging. Although Geami was acquired by Ranpak last year, this amazing product is still available today, now called Geami WrapPak. Geami is a fit for many inside-the-box applications.

STOCK-ade ST-315 Pneumatic Stapler

stockade-315The STOCK-ade ST-315 is a durable pneumatic fencing stapler that’s perfect for batten and lightweight page wire fences. It’s lightweight and corrosion resistant, making it reliable, durable and quick out in the field. If you’ve ever done some fencing, you know how important it is to have tools that make the job quicker and easier! This tool is clearly loved by all.

Signode HBX-4300 Strapping Machine

signodeHBXAre you still strapping by hand, or looking to replace an old machine? You’ll definitely want to take a look at the Signode HBX-4300. This machine is reliable and high-speed, designed for heavy duty operations. Quickly, easily and safely get your strapping work done! No more struggling with hand tools all day.

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