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5 Things to Consider When Deciding on New Packaging

5 Things to Consider When Deciding on New Packaging

Thinking it’s time to take a look at what products are on the packaging market that will make improvements to your bottom line and your process? Here are some important things to consider before you dive in and call your packaging supplier.

1. Functionality

Your product needs to be protected during shipment, first and foremost. If your packaging isn’t working to protect your shipment, the rest of our points are moot points. Always, always use packaging that comes with real endorsement or testimonials from an entity you trust, such as your packaging distributor. Better yet, get a demo of the product before you decide to purchase. Packaging something as you would for shipment, throw it around a bit, then open the box or container and inspect how that packaging has performed. This is a little more difficult for outside-the-box solutions such as tape or strapping, so lean on your packaging distributor for knowledge of the functionality of these products.

2. Cost Savings

There are several different ways that using a new/different packaging material can save money in the long run. It can cost less to purchase, it can take less packaging to fulfill the same amount of packages, it could weigh less, or it could take less manpower to use. All of those possibilities should be explored when thinking of moving to a new material or tool.

3. Innovation

Just because a method you’re currently using is working for you doesn’t mean you should stick with that instead of searching out new innovations. The packaging industry is in constant flux, with new materials, tools and machinery being invented and developed on a daily basis. This is where your packaging distributor can come in handy! Let them demo you any new innovations they recommend for your application.

4. Tools & Equipment/Space

Different types of packaging take different kinds of machinery, and also often different types of spaces. Take into account the size of any new machinery you’re considering to make sure it will fit well and work well in your space.

5. Recyclability

Whether you’re shipping B2B or B2C, whoever happens to be on the receiving end of your shipments probably expects to recycle or return at least some of your packaging. Being environmentally conscious is not only good for the Earth, but also for your business! Inquire as to the recyclability or recycled makeup of any new materials you’re considering using.

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