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Distribution Hazards, Fixed by Packaging

7 Distribution Hazards

Infographic via PackagingDigest.com

We recently came across an article on PackagingDigest.com that we have to share! 7 Distribution Hazards and How Packaging Can Help Avoid Them is about how both primary and secondary packaging really matter, even though sometimes secondary packaging is overlooked. It goes over 7 ways to really take notice of that secondary packaging and reducing ways that your product could be damaged.

According to the article:

“Primary packaging used to be thought of as the marketing billboard while secondary packaging was the protective workhorse. Both, however, need to work together to help protect against common distribution hazards while a unit is in transit, across all modes.”

The 7 hazards that the article explains how to fix are:

  1. Handling
  2. Warehouse stacking
  3. In-transit stacking
  4. Vehicle vibration
  5. Loose-load vibration
  6. Rail switching and horizontal impacts
  7. Temperature and humidity

Our favorite quote from the article:

“The key to designing packaging that mitigates the risks of supply chain hazards is tracing the entire journey of your product end-to-end…with that knowledge, appropriate packaging that stands up to these risks can be created without wasting time and money on protecting your products from elements that are never actually encountered.”

Yes! We couldn’t agree more! Make sure to go read the full article.

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