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Trends in E-commerce Packaging: Pretty and Practical


If you’re a B2C company that ships products to consumers, this post is for you.

There have been distinctive trends over the years in terms of packaging materials for shipping to consumers. There was the peanut craze, the bubble boom, and now the unboxing burst.

Packaging is no longer considered just a way to get a product from your facility to your customer’s door. Now, it’s an experience. Consumers are done with the days of having a flood of styrofoam peanuts hit their floor and getting a huge box with tons of bubble wrap and one tiny product in the bottom. Unboxing your package should be like opening a present from that friend that’s really good at wrapping gifts. Like getting cookies from Grandma, sent with love.

Case in point: unboxing videos. Consumers are actually recording themselves opening boxes and posting the results on YouTube, capturing that initial excitement and delight when they open the box.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. In an article on Packaging Digest:

Dotcom Distribution Packaging Report 2015 reveals that 39% of the survey’s respondents have shared a picture or video of a new product on social media after receiving it from the eretailer and unpacking the delivery box.And 60% of respondents said they would be more likely to share a product image on social media if it came in gift-like box rather than in a traditional brown box.”

There’s no doubt that the rise in purchasing unique, hand-made items online has helped spur this packaging revolution. Those who make their products by hand package them with so much care and finesse! It’s difficult to compete with that when you don’t have the time to focus on each package with such careful attention.

Also, of course it’s still most important overall to package products in a way that they stay safe inside the box. It doesn’t matter how good the product looks if it’s damaged.

For all of these reasons, you should lean on your packaging supplier as a resource for not only protecting your products, but to come up with innovative custom solutions that look as good as they perform at a price point that works for your company.

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Here’s one of those unboxing videos:

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