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Let’s Appreciate Paper Instead of Bubbles

Each year on January 26th, we wonder the same thing: Why is there an appreciation day for Bubble Wrap®? We understand that our nation loves to pop those bubbles, and heck, it is pretty fun. However, the whole point of Bubble Wrap® is to package things with it, right? Not just to pop it?

geami-hv-smallWhen it comes to inside-the-box packaging, there’s one clear winner, and it doesn’t have anything to do with bubbles. In fact, it’s easier to use, takes far less space to store, and protects even better inside the box. Yep, in our humble (yet professional and experienced) opinion is that Ranpak’s Geami WrapPak is the ultimate solution to replace air bubble packaging.

But, how is paper superior to air bubbles? Don’t air bubbles keep whatever’s in the box suspended and safe? Well yes, it does. However, there are some down sides to air bubble packaging that just make WrapPak superior. Here are the reasons we don’t like air bubble packaging:

  1. It takes up WAY too much space to store. You could be using that warehouse space for much better things!
  2. Speaking of taking up space, image how many more rolls of WrapPak can fit on a truck in a shipment to you than those big air bubble rolls.
  3. After you’ve packaged something and sent it on its merry way, air bubbles can pop during shipment. If a crucial one or two pop, it can throw off how you product is sitting inside the box and cause issues.
  4. Although some air bubble manufacturers are making the switch to more eco-friendly and recyclable materials, even if it’s possible that the materials can be recycled after use, most recipients won’t have the simple access to the type of recycling needed. Paper, on the other hand, can be thrown in with their regular recycling.

So, what are you waiting for? Quit appreciating bubbles and check out WrapPak!

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