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Tape vs. Glue Closure: What’s stronger?

How do you close boxes? Do you tape them or hot melt glue them? It’s no secret that we at Packaging Incorporated love tape (see our tape posts at the bottom of this article). But could gluing them make the boxes stronger when stacked during transport? When your bottom boxes are getting compressed by the stack on top of them, it’s wildly important for them to maintain their shape to avoid any damage to the product within.

Rob Kaszubowski of the Packaging Matters blog decided to do an experiment to determine if either of the carton sealing methods is superior to the other. He taped and glued two matching boxes and set them on his LAB Compression table to determine which box would stand up to the pressure better.

And the winner was (drum roll, please…)


cynch-tapeRob’s test showed that the box with the tape closure was 8% stronger on average. Here are his findings:

“Even though this was a smaller sample set of only six boxes, our test data set shows the boxes with tape closure were stronger than the adhesive closure boxes. While there may be certain circumstances where the adhesive closure boxes may provide better compression strength (different box size, horizontal clamp forces, supply chain conditions, etc), our initial testing indicates otherwise.”

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