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Our Emotional Reaction to Packaging


The world of packaging often goes so much deeper than most people would think. Just think for a moment about how much packaging affects your daily life. When you go grocery shopping,  you’re affected by the packaging of products. You look for the familiar that you buy all the time, and you unknowingly let other products catch your eye.

That emotional connection you have with packaging at the grocery store (even though you don’t think you feel it) is also felt when you have a package delivered. What it looks like and how it’s packed will ultimately affect how you feel about the product and the company that sent or made it, whether you think it does or not.

A study was recently carried out by Package Insight on behalf of Pregis, LLC. They used facial tracking software to assess how participants felt upon opening boxes with different kinds of inside-the-box packaging. They were asked to select how they felt at different points in the process, and their facial expressions were also tracked.

According to Packaging World:

Loose-fill peanuts caused the greatest amount of frustration, with approximately 18% showing irritation with the material type. On the other end of the spectrum, there was 0% frustration experienced with square-pattern bubble cushioning. Also scoring a low level of frustration were air pillows at 5.25% and paper at 3.7%.

Beyond emotion tracking, survey questions explored the impact of receiving damaged items. An overwhelming 73% of participants indicated that they would be unlikely to purchase from the company again after receiving a damaged item.

So, it’s clear that how the packaging you use both protects your products and makes the end user feel upon unboxing them should be a huge and important part of your packaging decisions!


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