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Packaging + Forklift = ❤️ ?

Forklift loader truck stacking crates at a warehouseWe stumbled upon a blog post recently that, although it was written in 2011, is very relevant today! It’s called “Forklift Advice for Packaging Folk,” and it contains some really helpful advice for bridging the gap between those who complete the packaging and those who operate forklifts.

For instance, it explains how to design stable loads:

“A load’s weight, weight distribution, size, shape, and position on the pallet, plus how that load is secured onto the pallet, are the main determinants of load stability.”

It also goes over how to detect damage done by a forklift in order to find out where the problem is located with your load:

“Sometimes the indication is convicting, for example a gouge, particularly on a stringer-board or block. Other times, a stringer-board bent inward or a block knocked loose only points a finger. As for deck-boards, the outermost are the ones most likely to show damage caused by a forklift.”

In our opinion, the best piece of advice in this article is, if you’re the one designing packaging and putting it all together, spend some time on the floor to see how forklifts work, and how your packaging performs when moved around by them. This is the best way to see exactly how the two things interact with each other!

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