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Save a Bundle on Edge Protection

Save a Bundle on Edge Protection

Edge protection may not be the most glamorous packaging supply, but it’s a necessary one. So, you’ve got to have it on hand for all your palletizing needs. While it seems like edge protection is a simple piece of material that you can get anywhere for the cheapest you can find, that’s not always the case.

Consider these factors when choosing edge protection.

  1. Durability – Above all, the edge protection you pick needs to protect your load’s edges. Easy enough, right? Not necessarily. Choose one that’s insufficient and have damaged loads; choose one that’s too much for your application and waste money and resources. Believe it or not, there’s a balance to edge protection!
  2. Sustainability – What is the edge protection made out of? Is it a sustainable material? Is it recyclable? Is it made from recycled materials?
  3. Cost – Does edge protection fit into your budget? Are there types that would work and are cheaper? Where’s the best place to get edge protection for a great price? Working with a packaging distributor like Packaging Incorporated is an excellent way to save on edge protection. We get deals and pass them on to you! For more about why working with a packaging distributor is a great idea, check out this blog post.

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