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Stretch Film Equipment Guide

The world of stretch film can get a little complicated. Figuring out both which kind of film you need and which method of wrapping is best for your applications can be overwhelming! Have you thought about whether an automatic or semi-automatic machine might work for you? If you’re unsure of what’s out there, read through the differences here and then get in contact so we can help to figure out the best machine for you.

Highlight Industries Hand Stretch WrapperHand Dispensers

If you’re wrapping small to medium loads on an infrequent basis, hand wrapping might be the best option for you. These wrap dispensers are easy to use and quick to learn. Although they’re not as quick and easy as a semi-automatic machine, if you don’t use it super often, hand wrapping may end up being a more economical choice.

Semi-Automatic Turntables

If you’re wrapping pallets of product often and you’re currently hand wrapping, one of these machines could be a great economical decision to improve your packaging process! Simply choose some settings, put your pallet on the turntable, and watch as the machine does the work for you. The investment in the machine will quickly pay off with time saved by employees!

The machines come in different wrap heights, so you can choose the one that’s most appropriate for your application. If you’re not wrapping loads higher than 80″, for instance, you won’t need to purchase a 98″ machine.

cousins3300ctaAutomatic Turntables

Automatic turntable stretch wrappers are ideal for applications that are high volume, as they don’t require an operator to run. These machines run on a set of pre-programmed settings, so they can run independently of anyone having to tell them what to do each time. If you’re wrapping a high volume of loads, it’s often worth it to invest in a machine that’ll quickly save you hours and hours of labor costs.

Orbital Ring Wrappers

These machines are definitely the cool kids on the block! These are great for many different applications, but especially for odd sized loads, or loads that need to be wrapped over the top. They work very quickly and wrap the entire load, without even having to unload it from the forklift! These machines also don’t require much maintenance and will have a long life in your facility.

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