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Stretch Film and Manufacturing: A (Necessary) Perfect Match

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you understand the importance of stretch wrap in your everyday processes. Being able to efficiently and confidently bundle packages or products is a much bigger deal than anyone outside the industry would think. Also, the type and weight of the stretch film you purchase can be the difference between a safe and a damaged shipment.

For instance, even if your wrapped pallet looks fine before you load it onto the truck, when the truck actually starts moving, it’s a whole different ball game. Jostling and pressure from nearby pallets can completely undo a pallet if it’s not wrapped effectively. Even just a little rubbing and slight shifting of boxes can cause damage to products inside the box. Many consumers are picky and will not purchase a slightly damaged product.

That’s why we have stretch wrap experts on staff for these incredibly important stretch wrapping issues. Those experts know what kind of stretch wrap solution you need based on the size, shape and weight of your loads or bundles. We can recommend the perfect solution for you in terms of both film and equipment.

For more information, read our Stretch Film equipment guide.

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