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The Many Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

In recent years, manufacturers have made a concerted effort to create environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging. This includes phasing out the longtime habit of using far more packaging than a product actually needs. Consumers appreciate the fact that they can purchase items they want without feeling as though they’ve helped contribute to the degradation of the planet.

According to a survey conducted by DuPont on future packaging trends, 51% of respondents said that sustainability will be a top trend in the next 10 years. In addition to the satisfaction of being more environmentally responsible, there are benefits to businesses and consumers in using sustainable packaging. Here are a few gains that come from sustainable packaging.

Fewer Consumed Resources

The biggest benefit comes during the manufacturing process when companies minimize their environmental footprint by reducing the amount of packaging they use. This means materials can be stretched to cover more products. During manufacturing, businesses also reduce their CO2 emissions, which have been linked to climate change and global warming. As more businesses join this initiative, the impact on the planet as a whole can be tremendous. While this doesn’t have a direct affect on your business from one day to the next, you’ll be able to sleep better knowing that you’re making a positive contribution. You can also label your packages as environmentally friendly and promote your commitment to the planet on your promotional materials, giving a boost to your brand.

Consolidated Storage

The logistics of moving, storing, and displaying items for sale are improved by sustainable packaging. When manufacturers find creative ways to ensure they use only the containers necessary to hold the items inside, they ensure each item takes up less space. The benefits of this start at the warehouse, where items are stored as they await pickup by the delivery carrier. Since the packaging takes up less shelf space, more can fit in each box, reducing the load size. More boxes can then fit on a truck, which allows businesses to transport additional items in one shipment. Not only will they be able to save money on transportation, businesses will also have an improved environmental impact since they’ll use less fuel and reduce carbon emissions from the trucks they use. Small changes like air pouches can free up space inside shipments, allowing businesses to use smaller boxes or fit more items in one box. Recyclable packing materials keep shipments lightweight while also being environmentally friendly.

Reputation Boost

The biggest benefit will be to your business’s relationship with your customers. The environment is important to an increasing number of consumers. When they see that a brand they support has made a firm commitment to the environment, they want to continue to support that brand. Additionally, today’s sustainable packaging options increase the shelf life of many items, keeping internal contents fresh longer. Just as businesses find it easier to store these smaller packages, so do consumers. Sustainable packaging allows them to free up space in their pantries and cabinets, which they can use for other things. These packages are often re-closeable, as well, bringing an additional convenience to consumers.

When a business takes environmental responsibility seriously, it wins on so many levels. By reducing the amount of packaging, your business better serves customers and consolidates storage space, saving money. This is in addition to the greater benefit to the planet as a whole, which will provide satisfaction long after you’ve reaped the rewards of improved customer service.

Pack, Inc. is committed to keeping the planet safe through the use of sustainable technologies and products. We consistently remain dedicated to saving our customers money on shipping costs while also stocking products that are made from recycled material and can be recyclable once they arrive at the customer’s place of business. This is one of many reasons businesses choose to work with us for all of their packaging needs.

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