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3 Packaging Mistakes and Mishaps Your Business May Be Making

Packaging has traditionally been a means to an end. Boxes, bags, and packing materials keep products safe while in transit, whether customers are shopping in a brick-and-mortar store or online. In recent years, marketing experts have recommended packaging as a great tool for brand messaging. Having your business name printed on your boxes, bags, and shipping tape can help reinforce your marketing.

However, as valuable as branding can be, it can also lead a business astray. Here are a few things your business should consider when designing your packaging.

Mismatching Your Brand

Your brand messaging should match the image you’ve worked hard to create. Going against that branding will only confuse customers. Choose a consistent message and maintain it across your website and print materials, extending it to your packaging, as well. Consider your target demographic and create brand messaging that matches their interests.

Poor Usability Design

Generally speaking, your packaging should be functional as well as attractive. If your customers can’t find the information they need or exert excess effort trying to open the package, you may offend them rather than impressing them. If your in-store shopping bags break before the customer gets to the car, no amount of marketing will convince that customer to continue to buy from your business.


As valuable as branding can be, your packaging must meet its desired purpose before you can add those “extras.” Avoid using excess packing materials or unnecessarily thick mailing cartons, since this will potentially increase your shipping costs. It will also send the message that you aren’t concerned about protecting the environment, which could repel a certain percentage of your customer base.

Packaging can provide your business a great way to extend your brand messaging beyond the purchase process. Consider also including coupons with every purchase that entice customers to return at a future date. The more you can do to keep your brand fresh in customers’ minds, the better.

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