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Paslode: The People Behind the Nail Guns

Construction and building maintenance professionals across the globe rely on the high-quality tools designed by Paslode. The Canadian company is one of several well-known companies within Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a leading manufacturer of engineered products. ITW is based in Glenview, Illinois and employs 48,000 people across 57 countries.



Founded in 1935, Paslode’s goal has long been to provide quality tools to the construction industry. Paslode, an acronym for Packing Shipping Loading Devices, specializes in fasteners, including nailers, staplers, and wood fasteners. Its many innovations began with the stapling hammer, now widely used in construction products throughout the world. Throughout its history, Paslode has paid close attention to construction industry trends in order to create products that meet demand.

Currently, Paslode has a global network of manufacturing plants, including locations in the U.S., Australia, Denmark, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, and Shanghai. The company’s line of products can be easily identified by its orange and black design and cordless functionality. However, the company’s strong reputation has been earned through more than 80 years of providing durable products that provide years of reliable use.


In 1935, industrialist J.W. Leslie founded Paslode to market shipping room supplies to the construction industry. His representatives went directly to businesses to identify leads for Leslie’s other company, Signode, while also selling Paslode’s own hammers and staplers.

In 1959, Paslode’s direction changed with the release of the very first pneumatic nailer. Known today as an air nailer, this product became the first of a line of lightweight tools that helped Paslode become a leader in its field. Less than three decades later, the company released its Gun Nailer™, effectively introducing the nail gun to the market, replacing the traditional hammer-and-nail construction process. This invention is a great example of how Paslode notices a demand in the industry and meets it.


The success of the Gun Nailer™ inspired a series of lightweight, cordless nailers that made work easier for the construction industry. Paslode didn’t stop with its nailers, however. In 1996, the company developed a fastening system called Wood-to-Steel™ that addressed always-evolving needs within the construction market. In the years that have followed, Paslode has developed products that work with its tools, always keeping the needs of the market in mind.

In addition to lightweight tools that pack a powerful punch, Paslode has released tools that can drive a nail through even the toughest wood, making no job too tough for construction teams. Paslode also provides Cordless Fuel Systems that prevents workers from having to stop midday, leading to lost productivity and wages. In addition to manufacturing innovative products, Paslode also offers service and repair at its part and service centers.

With a commitment to quality products that serve the construction industry, Paslode continues to be an innovator in its field. When builders and maintenance workers have the support they need to do a great job, they’re better able to serve their own clients, boosting their productivity and efficiency. Paslode’s goal is to be a leader in its field while also providing reliable products and great customer service. We are proud to carry such a reputable brand. Check out more related links below or shop Paslode now!

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