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Packaging World’s 5 Packaging Trends for 2017

Packaging World recently posted an article that outlined the 5 packaging trends for 2017. The article was based on a report from global market research firm, Mintel, released earlier this month.

There are a couple of overarching themes – use smart packaging that reinforces your brand and offer a way for consumers to engage deeper with your brand.

For example, as consumers do more shopping online and receive orders via delivery, Mintel predicts that we’ll see a shift from in-store to in-home packaging design. This may mean that packaging design will elicit an experience, try to educate shoppers and a create a memorable brand experience straight from the box. This memorable experience will keep them returning in the future.

We’ll also continue to see the use of technology to communicate more information to consumers. For instance, Xerox uses printed memory labels that can store up to 36 bits of information. The label ensures product authenticity and protects the Xerox brand.

Read the entire article here.

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