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Bubble Appreciation Day – It’s Time for a Change

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is observed every year on the last Monday in January. This means today’s the big day! What? You’re not planning any big celebration? No bubble wrap popping party? Don’t take this the wrong way, our teams at Pack Inc. / Blackhawk like to have fun too, but popping bubble wrap just doesn’t cut it for us.

Bubble Wrap History & Disadvantages

Air Cap, (the name before it was called Bubble Wrap), was first used to ship IBM 1401 computers back in 1961. The primary purpose for Air Cap or bubble wrap was to protect fragile items in shipping and storage.

There are many cons to using bubble wrap for your shipping and storage, including:

  • It takes up a lot of space.
  • It may end up popping during shipping.
  • It is not biodegradable.
  • It’s expensive.

Fortunately, over the last 56 years, the packaging industry has evolved, offering many more options.

One product we really like is Geami GreenWrap. Three giant rolls of Bubble Wrap® are equal to one box of Geami GreenWrap. Let’s face it, size is critical when space is limited. Also, when you use GreenWrap you need less packaging and it costs less for shipping.

People may have fun popping the bubbles in bubble wrap but it shouldn’t be the reason you stick to an outdated product. Join us on our mission to rid the world of bubble wrap.

Join Packaging Incorporated in ridding the world of plastic bubble packaging!

Ready to replace your bubble popping habit? Learn more about Geami.

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