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Who Is Geami? The Story behind the Packaging Provider

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Geami is a packaging provider that focuses on sustainable solutions. The company’s GreenWrap line of products can be tailored to create a full-service solution to businesses across all industries. Due to GreenWrap’s multifunction nature, businesses often find that they can use it as an all-in-one solution, eliminating the other packaging materials they’ve been using.

Geami is a privately held company that was founded in 1994. Its signature product, WrapPak, protects a business’s items better than traditional packing materials without unnecessary waste. When a business purchases a WrapPak packaging system, that business knows that its products will be protected during shipment.

Geami WrapPak

Customers know Geami for its innovative design, which combines a patented die-cut kraft paper with tissue interleaf paper. The tissue comes into direct contact with the item, helping prevent even the most sensitive merchandise from being scratched. The cut of the kraft paper provides cushioning for items while in transit, absorbing any shock that might cause damage.

In addition to its functionality, the WrapPak creates a visually-appealing presentation that helps a business make a good impression on customers. The packaging is available in a variety of colors to further enhance a business’s branding. The Geami WrapPak High Volume (HV) converter creates a honeycomb-like appearance that offers substantial protection. The design also creates friction, which means that once a business wraps an item in the WrapPak, no tape will be necessary to hold the packaging in place. This not only eliminates the need to purchase and stock tape, but it also speeds up the packaging process significantly, helping businesses save on labor costs.

The Right Solution

Geami’s WrapPak HV can be set up at any station where materials are customarily covered in protective wrap. Businesses can eliminate their bubble wrap, packing Styrofoam, and other forms of filler and rely solely on the quick, efficient process offered by the WrapPak. Each pad is generated at a fast speed, only requiring occasional reloading, preventing slowdowns. Traditional packaging can be messy, making unboxing difficult, so when customers receive their product, they’ll appreciate being able to easily remove their packing materials. Geami works with suppliers to source only paper that is recyclable and renewable to ensure its customers meet their own sustainability goals.

Each Geami solution is customized to a business’s unique needs, following a full site audit of current shipping processes. Although there are solutions available to meet each type of need, solutions can also be customized to provide a more personalized setup. Equipment can be installed at the very place it works best for a business’s current environment, whether that means underneath existing workstations or on a table in a corner. Once installed, Geami’s team can provide on-site training to ensure employees can expertly manage the new packaging processes.

Geami is a small but growing company that fully dedicates itself to customer satisfaction. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Geami’s products are both functional and environmentally responsible. When a business chooses Geami for its packaging solution, it has access to the longstanding Ranpak tradition of innovative, affordable products.

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