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Fungi as Packaging Material

Imagine ordering some sort of electronic device, like a computer. Computers are packaged using foam packaging, which conforms snugly to the computer and fills...

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Fox C1 Plus Stretch Wrap Machine is an Incredible Value

Get a Great deal on a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper! The Fox C1Plus is an easy to use and affordable semi-automatic stretch wrapper. With the...

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Packaging Incorporated – An Employee Owned Company

Effective May 31, 2012 Packaging Incorporated became an ESOP company. For over 50 years the employees at Packaging Incorporated have contributed to the company’s...

Framing Nailers

Power and consistency is what the tools offered in this category represent.

Jumbo Nailers

Need to drive a 4-6” nail? We’ve got options. Shop jumbo nailers.

Hammer Tackers

These manually apply fine wire staples for roof felt, housewrap or labels. Shop hammer tackers.

Positive Placement Nailers (Joist Hanger)

Positive Placement Nailers for driving thru metal connector hardware such as joisthangers or hurricane ties.

Cap Staplers

These are for applying roof felt or housewrap. Shop cap staplers.

Corrugated Staplers

These tools are for splicing two butt joints together. Shop corrugated staplers.

Carton Closing Staplers

These are for closing corrugated boxes. Shop carton closing tools.

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