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Wide Crown Staplers

These are staplers that drive 14 – 16 gauge wire. Shop wide crown staplers.

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Medium Crown Staplers

These fantastic staplers drive 16 gauge wire ob various crown width. Shop medium crown staplers.

Narrow Crown Staplers

These are quality staplers that drive an 18 gauge wire with slightly different crown width. Shop narrow crown staplers.

Fine Wire Staplers

These tools drive a staple lighter than 18 gauge wire. Shop fine wire staplers.

Cordless Nailers

30 years of innovation is what Paslode brings to the table in the cordless nail gun arena; the leader in the industry without a close...

Pallet & Crating Nailers

Speed, durability, and drive is what you need in a pallet and crating tool.

Siding Nailers

From cedar shakes to fiber cement and everything in between, we have a tool for you to make the job easier. Shop siding nailers.

Finish Nailers

Attention to detail is what finish carpenters are known for. Our lineup of finishing tools keeps that in mind, and we have the option...

Roofing Nailers

Speed and durability is what you want with a roofing tool. We've got you covered. Shop roofing nailers.

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