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Inside the Box


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At BlackHawk Packaging & Fastening, we strive to protect your shipment from the time it leaves your facility until it reaches its final destination.

Unique product needs lead to unique solutions

Your package is unique, and it needs a custom interior packaging method that’ll protect it from any bumps in the road.

To create your method at the minimum cost to you, we use a variety of inside-the-box systems, including everything from air pillows to foam packaging and paper packaging.

With manufacturers like Geami, RanPak, Fromm, IntelliPack, and more, we’re sure we have the best inside-the-box packaging solution for you!


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  • Inflatable Systems

    This light-as-air packaging material will keep your product snug inside the box. Excellent at shock absorption, air pillow packaging fills the voids inside the box to ensure that your cargo will arrive without a blemish.

  • Geami

    Paper Packaging Systems

    We’re not origami experts, but we sure know our way around paper packaging. Our two distinct system offerings are not only environmentally friendly, but they’ll protect your shipment on its journey, from beginning to end.

  • Foam Systems

    You’ll have to visit the circus to buy peanuts, because you won’t find them here. Our cutting-edge foam packaging systems conform to your product and fill any voids inside the box, creating a perfect-fit shipping solution without the mess of packing peanuts.

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