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Foam Systems

At Packaging Incorporated, we don’t take our foam packaging lightly. There is no denying that expandable foam offers superior product protection at unmatched versatility.  Whether you ship hundreds of packages or as few as 10 daily, we have a system to fit your needs.  In-line, table-top and hand-held systems are available. We’ve chosen the best foam packaging machine manufacturer on the market – check it out!

Wondering if foam is right for your application? You might be surprised to learn about the many benefits of paper! Find out in our blog post, Spray Foam & Foam-in-Place vs. Paper Packaging.

IntelliPack Foam in Place System - Packaging IncorporatedIntelliPack Smart Bagger Foam Packaging System - Packaging Incorporated

  • IntelliPack

    IntelliPack foam-in-place and spray foam systems transform mature technology into a cutting-edge approach. Ideal for anything from blocking and bracing to protective void fill.

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