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IntelliPack Smart Bagger Foam Packaging System - Packaging Incorporated

IntelliPack’s SmartBAGGER™ is designed for high volume end users that have medium to large packaging dimensions. The system offers a variety of foam densities and customizable bag sizes. Telemetry characteristics also provide service and product replenishment needs before they become an emergency. Watch IntelliPack SmartBagger in action. Due to the customization available for this product, we ask that you contact us for more information about SmartBAGGER™.

IntelliPack SmartShot Handheld Foam System

IntelliPack’s SmartSHOT™ is the traditional handheld spray-foam packaging system. It is designed for all package sizes and is great for cushioning, blocking and bracing, as well as protective void fill. Film comes in various sizes to accommodate your needs. The foam is also available in a variety of densities. Watch our IntelliPack SmartSHOT demo video. Because this product is customizable for your unique packaging application, we ask that you contact us for more information about IntelliPack SmartSHOT™.

Because IntelliPack is so customizable to your unique application, to learn more about how it might work for you, please contact us by clicking here or clicking on the Chat Now bar at the bottom of your screen.

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