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Inflatable Systems

BlackHawk Industrial / Packaging Incorporated is proud to offer two manufacturers of air pillow equipment and supplies. Both manufacturers are unique in the applications their products support and are industry leaders in their respective niches. Browse these air pillow machines and products, and contact us for more information.

Fromm Airpad 503 Inflatable Systems - Air PillowsFromm Airpad 250 Inflatable SystemsAirPouch Express Air Pillow SystemAirPouch FastWrap Bubble-on-Demand System

  • Fromm Airpad

    Fromm Airpad is the multi-use interior packaging material that adequately serves the need for product protection, shock absorption and void-filling applications.

  • AirPouch

    Our protective packing and void-fill air pillow systems offer high-quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam, paper and bundle bubble packing materials.

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