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Nail Gun Safety Quiz

Packaging Incorporated Nail Gun Safety Quiz
- December 16, 2019

Before beginning the quiz, make sure to watch the video.

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1. A nail gun should be handled with the same caution and concern for personal injury as that of a handgun.
2. A fastener driven out of the nose piece of a nail gun travels at the same exact speed as a bullet shot out of a hand gun.
3. How many nail gun injuries are reported every year in the United States?
4. What is the approximate dollars spent on emergency room care, rehabilitation and workers comp as a result of nail gun injuries every year in the United States?
5. If shot with a fastener; one should never attempt to pull it out, but rather seek immediate medical assistance.
6. It is within proper safety guidelines to walk with your finger on the trigger of a nail gun.
7. One should never attempt to drive a fastener into a knot or on top of another fastener.
8. A properly maintained nail gun is a safer nail gun.
9. You should never attempt to drive a fastener into something beyond your reach.
10. It is not necessary to disconnect your pneumatic nail gun from the air supply before clearing a jam or servicing it.

Disclaimer: This nail gun safety certification is based on years of knowledge and experience of personnel at Packaging Incorporated and should in no way be accepted as the authority on nail gun safety. Always consult the nail gun manufacturers’ safety manual and your company’s safety policies for proper safety procedures.

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