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Outside the Box


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Box overview video!

At Blackhawk Packaging & Fastening, we’re pros at thinking outside the box.

Outside-the-box thinking leads to higher-quality products

From strapping and stretch film to tape and edge protection, we bring innovation and quality to any packaging challenge you can throw at us.

We’ve got the latest and greatest packaging supplies and technologies that’ll improve your efficiency and bottom line, and we’re not afraid to use them.

BlackHawk Packaging & Fastening can provide the best quality tools, using brands we trust. This includes our private label brand, Cynch®.

For more information about BlackHawk Industrial, please visit BlackHawk’s website.

  • Stretch Film

    The most constantly changing segment in outside the box packaging, stretch film is more important than you might think. Your choice in film can make – or break – your load integrity.

  • Steel Strapping


    Our knowledge and expertise in strapping puts us on top of the packaging world. No matter the load, we’ve got the strap to secure it. Whether it’s polyester, polypropylene, woven cord or steel, we’ve got right strap for your job and we’ll help you choose!

  • Edge Protection

    When it comes to edge protection solutions, we don’t cut any corners. And neither should you! Whether your shipment requires a little or a lot of protection, we’ve got the right product for you at the lowest possible per package price.

  • Tape

    If you stick it, stack it, or stuck it, we stock it! We won’t let your packages fall apart on the job. Heavy-duty or light, we’ve got the right tape with the right adhesive for your shipping project.

  • Hand-Held Printer


    The innovative HandJet EBS-250 is the newest in mobile, hand-held ink-jet printing, replacing stencil machines, stamps and roll coders which are cumbersome and expensive.

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