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Edge Protection

Edges, consider yourselves protected. We carry the best pallet edge protectors that the industry has to offer! No matter the shape of your packages or pallets, we supply the product you need. Not sure which is best for your custom application? We’ve got the answer!

Multiwall Angleboard Edge ProtectionAngleboard, Cornerboard, & Formaboard

It’s not just bent paper anymore. We use recycled products such as pop bottles, juice cartons and milk jugs to offer you moisture-resistant, down-gauged edge protection. Oh, and we also have some made out of paper, too!

Cornerboard™ is a high-strength moisture-resistant corner made of recycled paper and plastic with a paper outer wrap.

Formaboard™ utilizes a unique, patented manufacturing process to heat bond polycoated piles of paper, forming them into rigid right angles of exceptional strength.

Multiwall U-Channel Edge Protection


When two sides aren’t enough, we have three! Or, you may use them on top of one another and make a crate. Call us for an expert’s opinion!

Multiwall Honeycomb Edge Protection


When you have space to fill and an edge to protect, request honeycomb.

Multiwall Corrugated Build-Up Edge Protection

Corrugated Buildup

This product is similar to honeycomb, but it can be made in various shapes and configurations. Flat, u-channel, or other shapes, let us recommend the appropriate buildup for you.

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