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Mobile Ink-Jet Printing

The innovative HandJet EBS-250 is the newest in mobile, hand-held ink-jet printing, replacing stencil machines, stamps and roll coders which are cumbersome and expensive. The HandJet EBS-250 weighs less than two pounds, which includes its on-board rechargeable battery and ink cartridge. With its patented print technology, the HandJet EBS-250 improves and economizes ink management that makes traditional manual coding methods like stencil marking, hand stamps and roll coders almost obsolete. No more waiting on expensive stencils to be created to start your next job!

The HandJet EBS-250 uses solvent-based inks in a variety of colors that provide fast, clean printing on corrugated materials, metal, glass and plastics. The unit’s high-volume ink-jet cartridge efficiently provides up to 100,000 characters with a dot matrix of 7×5.  The HandJet EBS-250 uses a Microsoft™ Windows® based program to format and transmit messages that are easily created on a personal computer. Messages can consist of alpha-numeric and logos from Windows® fonts and symbols, as well as diacritical characters.

This hand-held system can print for up to 50 continuous hours due to its rechargeable Li-ion battery, and recharging takes only two and a half hours!

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