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The Packaging Incorporated Guide to Strapping is now available! Download it here.

Polyester Strapping

Safety, cost and green initiatives are great, but your packaging material of choice also has to work. Packaging Incorporated has teamed up with the most innovative manufacturers to offer you both the highest quality polyester strapping and the most effective tools in the industry in order to provide the best strapping system for your application. Still using steel strap? Give us a call and we will make your company safer and more cost effective today!

Polypropylene Strapping

When it comes to chuted strap machines or light-duty hand strapping applications, we have you covered. Quality is of the utmost importance to maintain your efficiencies, and we represent only the highest quality equipment and best polypropylene strap in the market.

Steel Strapping

We cut no corners and leave no edge de-burred. We know that if you’re using steel strapping, quality and safety is extremely important to you. No load is worth the risk. We offer only the highest quality steel strap available.

Woven Cord

Looking for another alternative to steel strapping? Give our woven cord strap a try. We guarantee the same results, while maintaining simplicity and reducing the high upfront tooling costs associated with some steel to plastic strap conversions.

Strapping Equipment

We sell and service the finest strapping equipment, handheld strapping tools, and strapping machine parts in the marketplace. Made in the U.S.A. means that our strapping machines and tools are built right, and the replacement parts are close by when you need them. You can’t afford to wait weeks for a part, and we understand that. Our equipment uses the best technology available.

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