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Signode-HBX-4300Strapping machines and tools can be an integral part of your packaging process. You need strapping equipment to finish up your boxes and loads so that they’re ready to ship. Choosing a strapping machine or tool can be a difficult endeavor if you’re not sure exactly what you need. Luckily, we can figure that out for you! Whether you need a chuted strapping machine like the Polychem PC1000, a handheld strapping tool like a Signode tensioner, or a part for your existing machine, we’ve got what you need! Also, this just in: We’re officially the only certified Polychem warranty & repair center in the country! Learn more about what this means for you.

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If you need help choosing the strapping equipment that’s right for your application, call our strapping experts at 800-328-6650.

Strapping Equipment Resources

Pack Inc is a Certified Polychem Warranty & Service Center

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Polychem PC1000 Strapping Machine

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