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Stretch Film

Are you using the right stretch wrap for your load? Not only does Packaging Incorporated offer the latest in stretch film technology, but we also offer you industry-specific advice. We’re experts in the packaging field, and we can help you save money on stretch film by determining the right film – at the right price – for your unique situation.

Machine & Hand Stretch Film

Packaging incorporated stocks blown, cast, pre-oriented and high-performance stretch film for any and all hand and bundling applications and stretch wrap machines on the market. Tell us your application and we will determine the best film for you.

Packaging Incorporated Cynch Streatch FilmStretch FilmStretch FilmExpressWrap Hand Film


Yes, we cherry pick the best stretch wrap machines from the best manufactures when it comes to equipment. Whether your application needs a turntable, orbital,  rotary arm, or custom piece of equipment, we will determine the right machine for  you! Watch our product demos for the Fox and Yellow Jacket stretch wrap machines.

Stretch Film MachineCobra5258 Stretch WrapperYellow Jacket Stretch WrapperStretch Film

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