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No need to struggle with keeping your boxes shut.  Whether your package is bulky, flat, rough, or recycled, we’ve got the right kind of tape to secure it. We go beyond tape, too! We’ve got carton-closing and water-activated tape machines.

Acrylic Packaging Tape


High performance acrylic tape is perfect for heavy weight or bulky box sealing. It’s also great for other packaging applications typically exposed to rougher shipping conditions and load stress.

Hot Melt Packaging Tape

 Hot Melt

Hot melt tape is perfect for those demanding box sealing applications. Use for extra heavy weight, under or over-stuffed boxes, package repair and bundling applications, and packages exposed to more challenging shipping hazards and stress.

Natural Rubber Packing Tape

 Natural Rubber

Natural rubber tape is great for extra heavy-duty box sealing and packaging applications exposed to rough, more challenging shipping hazards and stress.

Water-Activated Tape


This tape is used for two-strip sealing cartons, top and bottom. It works well on recycled cartons, non-unitized loads and it is pilfer resistant.


Industrial Tape

Industrial Tape

Our Industrial tape is designed to withstand the most demanding situations.  Each individual product has been engineered for a specific end-use application.


Tape Equipment

We stock uniform and random semiautomatic case sealers as well as manual and electric water-activated tape machines.

Water-Activated Tape MachinesIPG RSA Semi Automatic Case Sealer

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