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Packaging Incorporated’s private label collated fastening line is a culmination of 50+ years of experience in the collated fastening business.

We have engineered countless specialty fasteners over the years for multiple industries. Everything from the millwork, pallet and crating industries to agriculture/post-frame buildings and residential markets.

The advantage of HammerStrike Fasteners is that we have more control over the quality and the mills that we work with. HammerStrike Fasteners are carefully manufactured to our specifications and quality standards. We control it all from carbon content, number of twists per inch, head diameter, the collation and how many nails go on a coil.

We procure products from numerous manufacturers from around the world to ensure the best quality and competitively priced product in the market.

When you buy HammerStrike Fasteners, our box and skid counts are uniform which means no more skipping back and forth between different manufacturers’ counts.  As an industry leader we leverage our spend so you can be sure that HammerStrike Fasteners is priced right no matter what the application.

With HammerStrike Fasteners, you get the best fastener at the best price – it’s a simple as that.




Looking for a reliable source for packaging solutions? Packaging Incorporated has the expertise and the supply chain optimization to get you what you need when you need it.

CYNCH® is Packaging Incorporated’s private labeled solution for strapping, stretch wrapping, taping and edge protection. Whether you are securing pipe or bunks of lumber with polyester, sealing boxes for your e-commerce shipments, protecting countertops or windows during transit, it’s a CYNCH®.

Over 50 years of experience was put into the development of the CYNCH® product line. Each and every CYNCH® product is made to our specifications using our choice of manufacturer utilizing cutting edge technologies.  When you buy CYNCH® you are getting a product that you can use with confidence.


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